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FAQ for Exhibitors

How do I know if I qualify for the Basic Rigging Package Rate?
Find out the dimensions and weight of your sign. If your sign weighs less than 150 pounds and is less than 20′ in length and less than 175 square feet and does not require electrical rigging, truss or motors, you will qualify for the Basic Rigging Package. If your sign is motorized or needs electrical rigging (for example a rotating sign or a sign with lights), you qualify for the Electrical Rigging Package.

Can I order lighting to be suspended from the ceiling?
If you would like to order lights to brighten up your booth or illuminate specific objects, you will need to get a quote from JCALPRO. In our facility lights cannot be attached to our ceilings. Instead we can provide you with truss, using motors, to create a lower “ceiling” and then hang lights from that truss. We will require a diagram showing your booth layout and exactly what you want illuminated in order to put together a quote.

Do I ship my sign to you to put it together?
No. Although JCALPRO provides labor to hang the sign, the General Service Contractor (GSC) handles all shipments. You may build your sign or hire the GSC to put it together for you. When the sign has arrived at the building and has been assembled, we will hang it for you. Be sure to keep this in mind when making your time and day requests for sign hanging.

Can I request load-in and load-out times?
Yes, the Rigging Order Form has a space for you to indicate your preferred up and down times. Please note that your preferred timing is not guaranteed; however, we do try our best to cater to your requests. If you absolutely need a specific install or take down time, additional charges will apply. If you do not provide a diagram or layout prior to load-in, then you may experience set-up delays and additional cost.

What type of diagrams should I send?
The most useful diagrams are on a proportioned grid to show the dimensions of the booth, the exact desired placement of hanging items, and orientation of the booths around yours. As a general rule, pictures from previous shows and pictures of the sign only are not as helpful as current diagrams of the entire booth space with the placement, height, and weight of the sign(s) or hanging item(s).

Will there be any height restrictions above my booth to hang my sign?
If exhibiting at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC), please refer to your show floor plan to determine whether or not your booth is located underneath the low ceiling on the east or west sides of the exhibit hall. If your booth is not under the low ceiling area, Sky Bridge, or a no-rig zone in Hall A, your booth falls under the 100′ high ceiling. Please contact JCALPRO if your booth is in a problem area, and we can discuss your options further.

MCCA Floor Plans

Download PDF floor plans for the BCEC and the Hynes Convention Center

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Floor Plan

John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center Floor Plan

Things to Remember after You Order Rigging

Send Us a Rigging Diagram:
  • You can upload a diagram on the Signature Boston ordering website once you log-in to your online account
  • Email a copy to JCALPRO at
  • Fax the diagram to 617-954-2346
Please Make Sure Your Diagram Includes:
  • Booth orientation (surrounding booth numbers)
  • Sign weight, dimensions, pick point locations, etc.
  • Sign placement in the booth
  • If you require overhead power or lighting above the booth

To obtain a quote or to change your rigging order please contact the JCALPRO Exhibits Team at 617-954-2345 or

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